With up to 1,000 layers of TiAIN and AICrN coating alternately stacked, higher speed capabilities and greater wear resistance can be achieved with the new AC510U/AC520U. The AC510U grade is capable of finish machining of exotic materials, while the AC520U grade is superior in roughing and medium cut machining applications, The grades are available in both molded and ground inser types.

SumiTurn T-Rex

The new 55° SumiiTurn T-Rex triangle insert is a cost-effective replacement for the 55° DN MG. The T-Rex features six cutting edges, compared to the four edges of a conventional DNMG. These contoured edges result in rigid clamping within the turning system, and provide for accurate insert indexing. Choose from our four grades T2000Z, AC700G, Ac2000 and AC 3000 to meet your needs when finishing steels, stainless steels and cast irons. Maximum cutting depth is 2.5 mm (0.1000). T-rex inserts are exclusively compatible with T-Rex turning toolholders and boring bars.

AC610M/AC630M Stainless Steel Machining

The AC610M/AC630M is Sumitomo Os new cutting edge technology for steel and stainless steels. The AC610M offers high speed, high efficiency cutting with a high hardness substrate. Good plastic deformation and wear resistance make the AC610M an ideal grade in our steel and stainless steel category. The AC630M is a general cutting grade with a high strength substrate with good peeling and notch wear resistance. Both grades offer a polished insert face and cutting edges with a new thin CVD coating layer that excels in difficult to machine materials.

AC410K /420K Cast Iron Machining

Sumitomo's AC410K grade consists of two types of coating layers - the Super FE Alumina layer and the Super FE TiCN layer - both of which provide excellent peeling resistance and improved overall insert stability. Its ultra-thick, inner Super FE Alumina layer provides exceptional thermal resistance, while the outer Super FE TiCN layer excels in chipping resistance. The grade combines these coatings with an exceptionally hard carbide substrate, resulting in excellent wear resistance in continuous to light interrupted machining of grey and ductile cast iron. Additionally, the excellent wear resistance and superior toughness of the AC410K have at least DOUBLED the tool life of conventional cast iron grades. Consisting of a wider application range, the AC410K is capable of covering medium to high-speed machining applications. The AC410K grade is available in positive insert styles for light to medium cutting applications and negative insert styles for light to rough cutting applications

AC820P AND AC830P for general purpose Steel Turning

New grades AC820P and AC830P is not only more wear resistant than conventional coatings, it also reduces the possibility of chip adhesion due to its smoothness. Combined with newly developed carbide substrates, the AC800P series offers higher speed capabilities and a greater resistance to breakage than conventional carbide grades when machining steels and stainless steels. The AC820P excels in general purpose machining and is available in a wide variety of chipbreakers, including the new high efficiency NGE. For interrupted applications, the AC830P is the first choice among P30 grades. Its exceptional toughness can sustain more impacts than conventional P30 grades.