CBN - A New Generation Cutting Tool Material

Sumitomo electric is a renowned name in the field of metal cutting tools in the category of super hard materials they are world leaders. This particular category consist of materials like CBN and PCD which are much higher on hardness scale as compared to conventional materials like carbide or ceramic. Superior mechanical properties make them ideal for machining hardened steel, Hi Speed turning and milling of cast iron, machining exotic materials where heat generation is very high while cutting and similar tough applications where there is conventionally no option but to have grinding or poor tool life ultimately higher cost.

Changing customer demands for higher productivity, lower lead time for component supply by reduction in cycle time, reduction in idle time like tool setting time by better cutting tool material made sumitomo think and develop tooling material as well as engineering solutions to upgrade CBN grades. Our goal is to help you remain competitive in your rapidly changing manufacturing industry.

Motherson CBN Tools are most ideal for following application areas:

  • Hardened steel machining.
  • Hi speed cast iron machining.
  • Efficient machining of exotic materials like titanium and nickel base alloys.
  • We also provide customized solution as per customer application for varied operations like hardened steel grooving on shafts, small Dia boring in hardened steel, high Speed Milling of Cast Iron components like Cylinder Block, Cylinder head, valve seat machining operations, precision machining of aerospace material like titanium and nickel based alloy.
For detailed application discussion and suitable solution please contact our nearest marketing office.