PCD - Non Ferrous Machining - Roughing To Finishing

Diamond is composed of pure carbon atoms, arranged in a very special crystal orientation that gives it its unique physical properties. The physical properties of the diamond tools, specifically the extreme hardness and wear-resistance, make Motherson PCD tools so unique.

In year 1978 , Sumitomo Introduced first sintered poly-crystalline diamonds (PKD) "SUMIDIA". Since most automobile components are made from the latest generation of hard and wear-resistant materials, both ferrous and non-ferrous, a growing need for tools that are abrasion-resistant and can withstand these machining applications. Polycrystalline Diamond Motherson PCD tools are meeting these needs with an overwhelming success. From these machining applications, mainly on non- ferrous materials, Motherson PCD tools touched numerous industries, proving to be an ideal solution for finishing and roughing application in turning, milling, drilling and end milling for automotive engine parts like transmission case, cylinder head, piston, cylinder block, connecting rod, oil pump housing and so on.

Sumitomo's years of accumulated application knowledge, hundreds of case studies and solutions for machining problems can be applied to Indian Non-Ferrous component maufacturers to achieve higher productivity and output from their hi-tech machine tool with the help Motherson PCD.