New GS Drill from Sumitomo

Sumitomo has released their new GS drill series. Using their newly developed, wear resistant PVD DEX coating and carbide substrate, the GS drill series is designed to allow for increased feed rates and running speed. The DEX coating is comprised of alternating layers of AlCr and SiNi that will not only provide high heat resistance but also a high resistance to chipping.

The GS drill features a J-Flute design offering a wide chip pocket to accommodate chip evacuation when machining steels, stainless steels, cast irons, super alloys and non-ferrous materials.

Sumitomo GS Drill is available in external coolant and also coolant through configurations. External coolant comes in either two times diameter or four times diameter. Coolant through is offered in three times diameter, five times diameter and eight times diameter drilling depth.

Download the new GS Drill Catalog

Double Margin means higher quality holes, Double web thinning equals less tool pressure in the Z axis

New multi layer DEX coating equals higher speeds lower cycle times and higher tool life

WDX Insert Drills

2 times , 3 times and 4 times diameter drills are available. The inserts are produced in three styles for light drilling, moderate drilling and aggressive high feed drilling.

Download the new GS Drill Catalog

Sumitomo Multi Drills available in 12 times , 15 times , 20 times , 25 times and 30 times diameter. Up to 12 times diameter drilling does not require a pilot hole.

SMD Replaceable Tip Drills

This tool is made from heat treated tool steel giving great durability to this product. It is available in 3 times , 5 times and 8 times diameter and specials up to 10 times diameter. The tip can be re-ground and re-coated for additional savings.

WDX - on balance the best indexable insert drill around

The newly designed WDX range of indexable insert drills has excellent cutting balance to provide dependable drilling results on a wide range of materials from general steels to stainless steels. The unique placement of the inserts in the drill body equalises cutting resistance between the central and peripheral inserts to optimise cutting performance and create cutting edge stability at the entry and exit points of the hole during the drilling cycle. This balance creates rigidity and improves hole finish and shape including straightness, parallelism, surface finish, hole tolerance and size holding. Primarily a tool to rapidly and economically make holes, the drill utilises interchangeable four cornered inserts in newly developed long life grades ACP300 / ACK300. In addition the hard surface treated body can be used for hole widening, spot facing, external turning and internal boring.

XHT/PT Drills - deep hole drilling system with 15 to 30 times X Diameter

If your need precision holes from 3mm – 14mm diameter up to 30 x Depth (according to diameter) this is for you. The development of a new flute shape with improved chip evacuation during deep hole drilling from the inventors of the world famous Multi-Drill is now available. Capable of high efficiency drilling at feeds to Vf – 700mm/min the double margin design XHT drills produce accurate reliable holes equivalent to those produced by gun drills in a fraction of the time at a much lower cost. These drills first found their niche in engine plants drilling the oil holes in crankshafts but have quickly moved into other industry sectors with similar demands. Even more surprising the XHT drill is suitable for a variety of workpiece materials and because of it's special DEX coating is compatible with MQL (minimum lubrication systems). XHT drills are available with a range of suitable PHT pilot drills for pre-drilling purposes.

Carbide Drills

Hole making is still regarded as one of the most difficult machining operations to perform and yet the patented Sumitomo Multidrill does it all. Available in diameters ranging from 2mm - 30.5mm and length to diameter ratios of 12 x D the Multidrill will produce holes to reamed tolerances and finish at high feed rates without the need to pre drill.

MDSS Drill

Suitable for drilling small diameter oil holes in car engine crankshafts the MDSS extra long Muti-Drill can be applied using minimum quantity lubricant techniques (MQL). With length to diameter ratios in excess of 15:1 the efficient removal of chips and control of cutting temperature represents a landmark in hole making technology.


13.5 - 30.5mm diameter up to 8 x D replaceable head drill for steels, titanium etc for those who prefer a throw away head solution. Features newly developed carbide head, with ultra hard smooth coating bolted securely to toughened drill body specially treated to resist wear. Features serrated seat pocket and drill head bolts for maximum rigidity and performance.

MDS Drill

Regrindable solid carbide high performance drills for all workpiece materials 2-20mm diameter, up to 4 X D - with and without coolant - for reamed tolerance holes drilled from solid at high feed rates make this drill the optimum choice for cost effective drilling. Eliminates centre drilling, reaming and boring operations.

Drill regrind and recoat service

The SUMITOMO REGRIND SERVICE is a guaranteed quality service designed to extend the life of your existing tools through refurbishment. Get your SMD and carbide drills ground and coated at that same plant that make the new tools.