WIDE RANGE OF GRADES:to suit your application

Conventional method of Grinding to Finish Hardened Steel Work material are having following limitations:

Sumitomo has long been one of the worlds leading company who developed different CBN grades taking into consideration the various type of tool failures. Sumitomo provide engineering solution specific to customer application. Motherson as an arm to Sumitomo Cutting Tools in India, offers variety of CBN Grades to suit customer applications.

Refer advantages section of hard turning as compared to grinding where analysis is made to make customer understand the various benefits of using hard turning with Motherson CBN as compared to grinding.

Recommended Area of CBN

Recommended Grades for Hard Turning

First Recommended Grade BN250

Recommended Cutting Speed V=100~150m/min., 328~656sfm

Recommended Cutting Conditions

Coolant: DRY Cut is recommended for interrupted cut.